"Extremely Effective"

“Michael Losier was extremely effective in engaging our audience and creating an interaction among the audience and speaker.  I was most impressed with Michael’s worksheets.  They helped the audience connect deeper to the material and may also serve as memory refreshers in the future.  Michael’s engaging personality made it easy to deliver the content in a very logical, fun and effective manner.  Michael really is the ‘go to guy’ for Law of Attraction. Amazing insight into the subject matter.”

Eric Carlyle, CEO
Media Out Loud

"Rare to Find"

“Michael Losier was the first transformational speaker I brought to Chicago at Positive Focus Productions, and what a way to start!  Michael held a half-day workshop and had the hundreds in the audience engaged from the moment he started.  We’ve had many great speakers since Michael, yet none were as interactive with the audience as he was.  His subject matter expertise is tops, as is his wit.  People in the audience were learning while being entertained, a combo that is rare to find.  Nearly four years later, I still have people coming up to me talking about his event and mentioning they still use his handouts today.  Once you’ve worked with Michael, you will have him in your head forever… in a good way.”

Carol Miller, Owner-Partner
Positive Focus Productions

"High-energy and Deeply Moving"

“Michael Losier was a keynote speaker during our Worldhotels Global Annual Sales Conference held in Guangzhou in Janaury 2015.  Enjoyed by over 400 hoteliers from around the globe, his high-energy and deeply moving speech was one of the highlights of our conference achieving highest notes.  Also Michael handed out books with his autograph to the great delight of the audience at the end of the session.”

Roland Jegge,
Executive Vice President Asia Pacific
Worldhotels, Singapore

"Absolutely Spectacular"

“Michael was engaged by our client, a leading insurance provider to speak at their annual sales launch.  The audience was made up of about 2,000 participants, the majority for whom English was a second language.  Amazingly, Michael connected with everyone within the first couple of minutes; held their attention for the duration of the 2 hour training seminar & received 100% enthusiastic participation when he “tested” them at the end.  Absolutely Spectacular!”

Derek Kulasingham, Co-Founder
The LOA Centre Malaysia